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Unit 5

If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!

Section A1 (1a-2d)


1. 语言知识目标:

1) 能够掌握以下单词:

meeting, video, organize, potato chips, chocolate 能够掌握以下词组:go to the party失去参加聚会, have a great time玩得开心,

stay at home需要在家, have a class meeting开始会, watch a video在押录像


① ─I think I’ll go to the party with Karen and Anna.

─If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!

② ─What will happen if they have the party today?

─Half the class won’t come.

2) 能够了解以下语法:


2. 情态度价值观目标:

依照单元是第九单元话题的继续拓展,整省课围绕这Party 啊话题展开,再从If you are happy的题材引入新课和语法,进行了简单的听力训练后,被学生进行相应的口语训练,粗略谈论自己的感想,被学生对课件上的图进行对话练习,使用2d的

Role Play进行语音语调的训练。由于本单元话题贴近学生在,切合他们热爱休闲的思想,可以提高他们上英语的兴趣,积极参与英语实践活动。


1. 重要句型:—I think I’m going to go to the party with Karen and Ann.

—If you do, you’ll have a great time.

2. 正确运用if 引导的标准状语从句

其三、教法学法:Role play, pairwork, groupwork


I. 引入新课Lead-in

1.Ask some questions.

T: If you can go to the party, are you happy? S: Yes, I will be very happy.

T: If you are happy, what will you do?


2.Show some more pictures and let Ss ask and answer . II 学习新课New lesson Teaching 1. 1a Match the statements with the pictures [a-d].

(提醒学生举行笔记) 2. 1b Listen and complete the responses in 1a. 3. 1c Group work: Look at the pictures and make conversations. 四人口小组活动,彼此提问并互相指导,下一场抽查。

4. 2a Listen: What are Mark and Nelly talking about? Let Ss read the two sentences below. (提醒学生举行笔记)Listen and circle the correct answers to complete the sentences. Check the answers. 5. 2b Listen again. Choose the correct short answer in the box to answer each questions 听力前先使新单词

half the class班上的一半人口,

watch a video 看录像,organize组织,Check the answers.


2c Pair work:Ask some pairs to role-play a conversation between Nelly

and Mark 7.Let’s relax,do the games.

8.2d Role-play the conversation

1) Read and answer the questions.

a. What will happen if we ask people to bring food? _________________________ b. What will happen if we give people some small gifts if they win? _____________

2). Explain some new words and main points in the conversation. (引导学生找到含有送彩金白菜网“If”的句子并找出共同点:法状语从句=If 从句

3). Let Ss read the conversation after the tape.

4). Practice the conversation with their partner. Then let some pairs to act out the conversation.

III. Exercise 巩固练习条件状语从句



1. If it rains tomorrow, we _____ visit the museum.

A. don’t do

B .won’t go

C .aren’t go

D. didn’t go.

2. Will you go to the park if it ____ fine?

A. will be

B. was

C. is

D / 3. If you __to school late, your teacher ___ angry with you.


A. come; are

B. come, will be

C. will come; are

D. will come; will be 4. If you _____ hard, you will ___ successful.

A. work, are

B. works, is

C. to work, be

D. work, be 5. If I ____ too much TV, my mother will _______.

A .watch, angry

B .watched, be angry

C .watch, be angry

D .will watch, be angry


— We'll go for a picnic if it _________ this Sunday. — Wish you a lovely weekend.

A. rain

B. doesn't rain

C. won't rain 第二、所以括号内所为单词的正确形式上。

1. I’ll buy a computer if I _______ (have) enough money. 2. I’m sure if he _____ (go) to the party, he ________

(have) a great time.

3. You _________ (not get) nervous if you

____ (do ) enough exercise. 4. If she _______ (finish ) work early, she ______ (go) home. 5. If it _____(rain), we ________ (stay) at home. IV:









If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!

Section A (1a-2d) If引导的标准状语从句:主将从现




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